Approved Eyewear

US Lacrosse women’s rules mandate the use of protective eyewear. The purpose of the rule is to acknowledge that while women’s lacrosse is a relatively safe sport, the use of protective eyewear prevents the rare but catastrophic eye injury. Initially introduced in 2005, eyewear equipment has been highly effective in safeguarding players at all levels of play.

Please note that beginning January 1, 2017, only the new standard, ASTM 3077, is regarded as legal for play and all eyewear equipment will have to meet this standard.

US Lacrosse has an established process for eyewear manufacturers to have their products listed on the US Lacrosse web site by submitting a letter and verification from an accredited, independent testing facility acknowledging compliance to the ASTM standards.

Manufacturers whose products are in compliance and who have submitted testing results to US Lacrosse have their products listed below.

Unless noted otherwise, all eyewear listed below meets both the Adult and Youth Standard.

List Updated: January 5, 2017



  • Elite (lens option)
  • HS 7900 (lens option)


  • Dynasty
  • Vantage II


  • LX Headgear (with integrated eyewear)
  • Mini Pro
  • Poly Arc
  • Poly Arc Titanium
  • Poly Air
  • Poly Pro (youth standard)


  • XVision

Liberty Sports

  • Slam 49 Eye (youth – lens option)
  • Slam 52 Eye (youth – lens option)
  • Slam 55 Eye (youth – lens option)


  • 2-See
  • 2-See Pro
  • 2-See Pro Ti
  • 4-Sight Focus
  • 4-Sight Focus Ti
  • 4-Sight Form
  • 4-Sight Plus
  • 4-Sight Plus (youth)
  • 4-Sight Pro
  • Rookie (youth)

Under Armour

  • Charge 2
  • Charge 2 Ti
  • Illusion 2 Goggle